Information Technology  

Policy:  CCS Computer and Technology Purchase


The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance to The College of Continuing Studies (CCS) employees concerning computer and technology purchases. For the purpose of this policy, computer refers to any desktop, laptop, or tablet. While technology encompasses the broader range of hardware such as monitors, printers, IPADs, and keyboards, etc.


Computer and technology purchases should be made by the CCS Administrative Services – Information Technology (IT) team. The IT team will be responsible for obtaining supervisor approval, determining proper specifications, obtaining quotes, making the purchase, setting up the new equipment, and tracking the inventory. Other departments in CCS will be responsible for requesting computer and technology purchases through the process outlined below. Individual departments should not be making direct purchases of computer or technology equipment either through a UA approved vendor or the UA Supe Store. CCS Financial Services will transfer funds from central money to cover most computer and technology purchases. However, if a large computer or technology order is requested, such as replacing an entire lab, then funds may be transferred from that specific division to cover the costs.

A Sharepoint site has been set up to facilitate the process at 


  1. Create request in Sharepoint
    1. Fill out form
      1. Include what needs purchased, quantity, and any other information available concerning needs
      2. Note when the equipment is needed by

  2. IT personnel will follow up with you via to ensure proper specifications are known for the equipment
  3. IT will obtain a quote for the equipment
  4. IT will share the quote with the person submitting the helpdesk ticket
  5. Person submitting request will approve the specifications/quote
  6. IT will make the purchase of the equipment
    1. Coding all equipment purchases to A 93007 209101 700

  7. IT will receive the equipment
  8. IT will update the Sharepoint Computer Equipment Inventory List
  9. IT will install equipment and close Equipment Order request
  10. IT will update the Computer Equipment Inventory List when employees join or leave CCS
  11. When equipment is no longer viable
    1. Equipment will be sent to IT to surplus
    2. IT will remove the equipment from the Computer Equipment Inventory List
    3. IT will create the paperwork and enter the workorder for surplus to be picked by UA Logistics/Maintenance


CCS Network Account Request

If you need to request a network login and email for a new staff member or student, fill out this form.  It allows you to provide us the information that we need to set up an account, such as the first and last name, division, supervisor, and phone number. 

We try to have CCS network logins match myBama logins, but if that is not available, we can set up a temporary login and change it to match later.

When the above form is saved, the workflow associated with it sends an email to Tim, requesting that a CCS network login, password, and email be created for the user.  When Tim has done so and entered the information into the workflow, an email is sent to the requester, the new user’s supervisor, and the new user with login info.  A link to a page with general network guidelines for CCS is also sent to the new user.

If the selected Account Type is Staff, then the information provided in the form is also used to automatically create a record in the CCS Staff Directory.  An email is then sent to Marion to fill in the rest of the directory information.

If the box for Needs SEMtek account is checked, then the login info is sent to Donald to create an account in SEMtek for the user.  This login info is then sent to the new user.

CCS List Serve

You may elect to join the CCS list serve, which is available for communicating with CCS Staff about non-work related items, such as tickets for sale, fund raising items for sale, or fund raising events. This List Serve should not be used for forwarding emails, or for sending items that are personal or political.

If you would like to join the CCS List Serve, please send an email to:

In the text of your message (not the subject line), write: SUBSCRIBE CCS-STAFF. It is best to remove all signature data from this email as each line is interpreted as a command.

You will then be able to send to and receive email from

Stepping Away From Your Desk?

All employees are required to lock their computer screen when they step away from their computer. Here are some ways to do that.

To do this on Windows based PCs, if your keyboard has a windows key just press "windows key-L"; otherwise press "ctrl-alt-del" and then click on "Lock this computer." To unlock, press "ctrl-alt-del" and enter your password.

On Apple Mac computers, in order to keep your files open and programs running in the background, you will need to configure the screensaver to use a password. To do that, click on "System Preferences" and then click on "Privacy and Security," select the "General" tab and check "Require password (X seconds) after sleep or screen saver begins." Then to easily enable the lock you can set hot corners for your screensaver by going to "System Preferences" then click on "Desktop & Screen Saver" then click on "Hot Corners..." button, then select the corner you want to use and select "Start Screen Saver". After you have done the above on your Mac, move your cursor to that corner to enable and to unlock wake the mac and enter your password.

These are just two examples that are known to work. There are also other ways, choose and perform the one that works best for you every time you step away from your desk.


OnBase is the University of Alabama's document imaging system that is available to departments. Some CCS divisions already utilize OnBase to store files electronically. The Administrative Services area is working to make more CCS information available in OnBase such as Journal Entries, Daily Deposits and Budget Changes.

To request access to documents, please do the following:

  1. Log onto myBama
  2. Go to Employee tab
  3. Scroll down to OnBase (large green letters on left side of screen)
  4. Click on New User Access Request
  5. Complete the fields under User Information and Supervisor Information
  6. Under Departmental Access Information, choose College of Continuing Studies and/or Finance to get access to the specific different types of documents
  7. In the box List which document types you need access to, type the Journal Entries, Budget Changes or Daily Deposits
  8. In the box Why do you need access, type to perform job duties
  9. Click the Submit button

You will then have access to view these documents in OnBase and no longer have a need to store a hard copy. Please help us go paperless!

Once you have received confirmation that your access is granted, contact Monica Davis for a training session.