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New ASSE Section in Tuscaloosa

For the first time ever, the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) has established a member Section in the Tuscaloosa area.  UA SafeState Associate Director Matt Hollub will serve as Chairman of the newly formed Tuscaloosa/West Alabama ASSE Section.  ASSE is a global association of occupational safety professionals representing more than 36,000 members worldwide.  Paul Thurber, Safety Director for Nucor Steel (Tuscaloosa), is the Section’s Secretary/Treasurer. 

ASSE Tuscaloosa was created to help support the needs of safety professionals and practitioners in West Alabama.  Because safety management responsibilities are often vested with people working in human resources, engineering, production, maintenance and related areas, we recognize there’s a significant need for a safety support network.  To be effective as a safety manager, you need that unique combination of technical knowledge and high-functioning people skills.  ASSE Tuscaloosa brings together people with diverse safety and health backgrounds and skill sets to help us all learn from one another. 

The ASSE Tuscaloosa Section schedules regular lunch meetings, usually from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm on first Fridays of each month.  Currently, we have over 30 members but you do not have to be an ASSE member to attend.  And there is absolutely no obligation or expectation for you to join ASSE, however often you wish to attend the meetings.  First and foremost, ASSE Tuscaloosa was created to be a quality resource for continuing education and peer-to-peer networking and I encourage anyone with safety responsibilities to visit with us.  Our presenters are experts in their fields, some local, some from around our state.  Recent ASSE Tuscaloosa presentations have covered Arc Flash Training, In-Plant Cranes/Hoists and Rigging, Plant Safety Auditing, OSHA’s Construction Crane Standard, Wellness Programs, and more.  ASSE Tuscaloosa has been meeting at the Nucor Steel facility in Tuscaloosa and we’re very grateful to Nucor for their tremendous support in launching this Section. 

Contact Matt Hollub ( for more information.